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Baby Swing vs Baby Rocker vs Baby Bouncer- Which One Is Best For Your Baby? (1)

Jul. 05, 2021

Baby Swing vs Baby Rocker vs Baby Bouncer- Which One Is Best For Your Baby? (1)

Baby bouncers, baby swings and baby rockers all have one thing in common: For exhausted parents who want a few minutes of sanity from colicky infants and fussy toddlers for the first time, they are simply a miracle. They also support the development of motor and cognition.

Do you need help comforting your crying baby or entertaining your baby? Maybe you need a hands-free time to deal with other pressing chores or just relax?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then one of the baby swings, rockers, or baby bouncers might change the rules of your game.

But what is the difference between these 3, can you simply get some? Here are the bottoms of these baby chairs, including which ones they are most suitable for, and how to choose the right ones.

Baby swing

The reason I chose to start with the swing is that this is what babies want in the first few months.

As its name implies, the baby swing is a good cushion chair, suspended on a sturdy frame, just like an adult swing. It swings back and forth (or left and right), similar to the swing of the uterus, and can be used from birth to 6-9 months of age.

Of course, there are also swings designed for older babies who can already sit upright, which can be used indoors or outdoors.

In addition to understanding and adhering to the recommended age group and weight restrictions, most manufacturers and pediatricians recommend that parents stop swinging after the swing user can sit down or climb out and fall by himself.

How to choose the best baby swing

Understand the types-baby swings have various types.

Power mode-Babies need power to swing, they can be powered by batteries or electricity. Of course, if you want something that moves frequently, a battery-powered baby swing is the best choice. The only problem is that replacing the battery in the future is often expensive.

Safety harness-Generally speaking, a baby swing must have at least a three-point harness system. But most recent models now have a 5-point seat belt, in addition to the mandatory waist and waist belt belt system, which includes a shoulder over restraint.

Movement type-traditional baby swing dance from head to toe. But most of the new models now incorporate other types of movements, including circular motions, jumping up and down, and they are best at soothing babies.

Baby rocker

If you have used an adult rocking chair before, then a baby rocker is not that difficult to understand. This is basically a child seat with two slightly curved straps at the bottom, allowing you to gently push the chair with your hands or simply with your toes to push the chair in an arc-shaped motion.

When should I use a baby rocker?

Similar to the swing, the baby rocker can also be used from birth, but most of them can only be used for about 6 months.

Compared to baby swings, most baby rockers are usually more compact because they have a smaller frame (because they are not suspended in mid-air like a swing).

Electric Baby Rocker

Electric Baby Rocker

How to choose the best rocker

Frame-The function and reliability of the baby rocker mainly boils down to a sturdy frame. The best baby rocker supports are made of sturdy metal, while most common Chinese-made models are made of cheap plastic. Of course, the former come at a price, but the advantage is that they allow you to leverage the entire life cycle of the joystick, and can actually be passed on to younger children, thus saving you money in the long run.

Wide base-Consider a rocker with a wide base to reduce the risk of tipping over.

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