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6 Things To Know Before Putting Your Baby In The Crib

Jun. 19, 2021

6 Things To Know Before Putting Your Baby In The Crib

Do you know that the characteristics of your baby’s sleeping area will affect her suffering from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep-related infant deaths, such as suffocation? Create a safe sleeping environment for your baby and reduce sudden infant death syndrome and other sleep-related causes of the cause of death.

Baby bed

Baby bed

Always let your baby sleep on his back, whether it is a nap or at night.

Let your child sleep in your room, not your bed. Your baby should not sleep on an adult bed, sofa, or chair, alone, with you, or with anyone else. Try sharing a room-keep your baby's sleeping area in the same room where you sleep.

Use a sturdy bed cover, such as a safety-certified crib with a suitable sheet. A safe and approved portable game field can also provide a safe sleeping environment for your baby. When using a movable play yard, always let your baby sleep on his back, and put toys, pillows and blankets outside the play yard.

Keep soft objects, toys, pillows, crib bumpers, and loose bedding out of the baby's sleeping area.

Do not wear more than one layer of clothing for your baby that an adult will wear comfortably, and do not cover the crib with a blanket. One-piece sleeper or wearable blankets can be used for sleep clothing.

Maintaining the temperature of the room is comfortable for adults.

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